Tesla vs Edison: Broken Token Organizer

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Tesla vs Edison Box Organizer. When great minds are ready to clash, why get slowed down by a disorganized box? The Broken Token is here to shed some light on your Tesla vs. Edison game box! Keep your cards (sleeved or unsleeved) neatly organized in our card organizer with removable dividers; separate and store tokens in the marked sections of our removable token tray; and tidy up your currency with our engraved, removable bank tray. And if that wasn't enough, we're including 2 stand-up custom acrylic player tokens. You can store the Powering Up! expansion and Bonus Luminaries in the War of Currents base game box. Our Tesla vs. Edison organizer will have you shouting, "Eureka!" Dimensions: 12" x 8.25" x 1" inches.  UPC: 24144300451.