Pro Membership

Regular price $99.00

The Pro Membership offers:

  • Discounts of up to 40% off, with an average discount of around 35%.
  • Priority over both non-members and Standard members for limited and exclusive products.
  • Access to our in-store gaming space and game library at our physical location in Londonderry, NH. We have a selection of over 200 games for you and your friends to try, or you can bring your games from home!



Your annual Standard or Pro membership will automatically renew each year on your anniversary date. Your anniversary date is the same day of the year that you signed up for your membership (or the next business day after the anniversary date in the case of a holiday).

You may cancel your membership at anytime under the "Manage Subscriptions" menu on your account dashboard. You will still retain access to your membership for the remainder ​of ​the ​current ​year ​(one ​year ​from ​the ​date ​you ​last ​paid ​for ​your ​membership).


Orders for products in limited supply will be filled according to membership tier — Pro member orders first, then Standard member orders, then Free Trial orders, and finally non-member orders.

If we do not have enough product sent to us by suppliers to fill all of our orders, we will notify you at that time and you can receive a refund or choose to wait for the restock. We reserve the right to limit how many of an item you may purchase ​in ​accordance ​with ​policies ​of publishers.