Are you a frequent gamer who typically purchases a myriad of games? Powering-up your collection can easily burn a hole in your wallet, but with our membership you can build your library without emptying your coffers.

What is the membership?

We offer two ongoing membership plans that get you the best pricing and access to the most exclusive and limited items. Market prices and availability of popular games can quickly change, but as a member you’re granted first access and the best deal we can offer based on the current market. Not only can you save up to 40% on most products, but you also get priority over non-members on items with limited availability. When there’s a shortage of a hot product, members are the first to have a chance to pick it up. Here's a breakdown of the different plans:

Standard Membership — only $29 per year!
The Standard Membership grants you discounts of up to 40% off most products, with an average discount of around 35%. You will also get priority over non-members when hot products are in short supply.

Pro Membership — only $99 per year!
The Pro Membership offers the same discounts as the Standard Membership, as well as priority over both non-members and Standard members for limited and exclusive products. Pro members also get access to our in-store gaming space and game library at our physical location in Londonderry, NH. We have a selection of over 200 games for you and your friends to try, or you can bring your games from home!

Does the membership pricing apply to shipping charges?

The membership pricing does NOT apply to shipping charges, but you can save on shipping by ordering more at once rather than placing multiple orders. The bigger the order, the better the shipping rates!

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel penalty-free at any time through the "Manage Subscriptions" menu on your account dashboard. The yearly subscription fee is non-refundable, however your membership will remain valid until your next billing date — you will not be charged for the subsequent year after cancelling.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes! We offer a free trial membership for 7 days, so you can experience just how amazing our prices really are. You will not be automatically billed once the free trial ends, so you don't need to worry about any unexpected charges. Once your free trial ends, it cannot be used again.

How do I upgrade from the free trial?

To upgrade from the free trial, select the plan you'd like below and press subscribe.

How do I upgrade to Pro from Standard?

Simply contact one of our associates through the "Contact" page on our website.

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